Banners Denver

Banners Denver Our unique printing process allows us to print banners with Eco Friendly technology. Many sign companies will provide you with solvent prints; the ink is harmful to the environment and difficult to dispose of properly. Here at the Visual Edge Signs & Design, Inc. we've been recognized as an HP Ecosolutions Trained Printing Company. Our machine uses Latex ink rather than Solvent which is non-toxic and bio-degradable. With the environment as a growing concern this product offers better quality than the old solvent method and has the added benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

We offer the unique service here in Denver of edge sewing on banners with all types of finishing options. This adds strength and therefore useful life to your banner. As we know Denver can get some high winds which wreak havoc on non-reinforced banners. We can add pole pockets, hem in rope or just do a general reinforcement on all edges of your banner with specially fabricated . Most sign companies are not able to offer this specialized service. All of our equipment and people that are trained to sew are on site and ready for you to place the order!

Denver Banners We offer color management with all of our printing. Color management is defined as the controlled conversion between color representations across different devices and media. Our screens are calibrated with our printers and each one of our media types is calibrated as well. One particularly useful feature we offer is if you have a paint swatch booklet or a printed sample we can use our specialized scanning software to hit the color you are looking for. We also offer Pantone color match printing using a numerical identification system that standardizes colors between all types of media. We offer color sample prints from our in-house printer for large jobs and small. Our goal in terms of color management is to get you a product with no surprises in terms of color or quality.