Floor Graphics Denver

Floor Graphics Denver Shopping malls, grocery stores and all types of retail outlets around Denver benefit from floor graphics. Why should you be any different? A customer immediately notices an image on the floor because it is out of the ordinary. Floor graphics are made from high quality prints and then laminated to be textured, tough and scuff resistant. This special lamination will allow your prints to last while also keeping the safety of your clients in mind. The lamination for floor decals is excellent for resisting water and preventing slips and falls. Combine that with the wide array of colors and custom shapes and you have a visually appealing advertisement that is sure to grab the attention of everyone that sees it! Floor graphics are not limited to tile surfaces; specialty vinyls allow us to apply these to carpets, concrete, even sidewalks!

Our sidewalk vinyl even gets stronger as people walk on it, just the opposite of what you might expect from such an extreme application.

Denver Floor Graphics These types of graphics are perfect for special events, promotions or whatever else you can think of. We see floors as an underused medium for advertising. People are automatically drawn to color in places where they are unaccustomed to seeing it. You can use these to direct or inform as well. We've seen these graphics being used everywhere from zoos to grocery stores. Frankly we love these graphics because there are so many things you can do with shapes, colors and even special printing technology. We can provide you with the ideas you need to put your marketing campaign into motion. The Visual Edge can help your business with Covid-related graphics such as social distancing decals for the floor or sidewalk or customized sneeze guards. Our expertise in floor graphics can be applied to any particular needs you have to improve the safety of your employees and customers.