LED Signs Denver

LED Signs Denver Lighted signs are a business’s calling card. Any time, day or night. While we can never match the bright lights of Las Vegas here in Denver (nor would we want to!), we can always find new ways to attract the consumer's eye while helping you look professional. LED signs and 3D dimensional signs achieve that. We can use a vast array of plastics, metals, and hard foams to create that perfect calling card for your business. LED signs use a new technology that stands for "Light Emitting Diode," which has nearly replaced the neon lighting industry due to its longevity and lower cost to maintain. While we can still provide neon lighting for those that request it, the current demand is for a lighting solution that does not break and is easily replaced. Each diode on the inside or back or your letters can be replaced individually. This is excellent news for our clients because, previously, if one neon tube went out or broke, the whole system would have to be replaced. Now it's about as easy as changing a light bulb and is a much better option for today's busy business owner.

Denver LED Signs

Illuminated Signs That You Want

Some business owners prefer the nostalgic look of fluorescent lighting. While many suppliers do not offer this service anymore, we do offer this service and design for our clients. We have the capability of "aging" a sign with sanding and heating, so it looks like it belongs in the era you're trying to represent. We will use a combination of modern technology and hands-on artistic talent to provide you with the perfect look for your new sign, even if you want your new sign to look old!

What Types of Indoor Signs and Outdoor Signs Do We Offer?

We have created myriad electronic signs for companies in a vast array of industries and applications. Our goal when we work with you is to create signage solutions that attract customers to your storefront or office. We will spend time with you to determine what the best approach is to create commercial signs that speak to your clients.

Professional Creators Of Interiors Sign and Exterior Signs

We create incredible electronic and digital signage for many types of businesses. During our long history of making signs in Denver, we have served companies that need lighted monument signs, panel signs, a-frame signs, yard signs, menu boards, and many more categories of business services. We have created hotel electronic message centers, safety signs, church signs, wall signs, and digital displays for companies that span all industries and service areas.

Outdoor LED and Indoor LED for Denver Companies

We know how to make custom LED signs in Denver and are close by so that we can design the right custom business signs and LED displays for you.

Some of our specialties include digital signs and monument signs. These can consist of store signs, lobby signs, sandblasted signs, and a variety of lighted signs that have LED lighting to minimize maintenance. When you are investigating sign companies to make signs for your business, you want to have the comfort of know that you are hiring experience and talent. We offer both.

Vast Digital Printing and Sign Installation

Our expertise in outdoor signs is second to none. We have both the graphics skills and equipment to design, fabricate, install, and maintain your exterior signage and hopefully delight you with the result. We create a broad array of techniques and tools. These include, but are not limited to, channel letters, dimensional lettering, custom decals, metal signs, and engraved signs. The only limits to your sign project are the imagination!

Many Business Types Served Right Here in Denver


No matter what type of industry you are part of, we strive to bring our best work to your company. So, if you are looking for routed signs, wayfinding signs, sidewalk signs, truck graphics, vehicle lettering, innovative vehicle magnets, we can do the work. We have state of the art equipment to create office signs, wall graphics, or any other type of signage and done in an environmentally friendly way.

Building Signs Need Repair and Service

In addition to creating appealing signs, murals, wall graphics, window film, window decals, and much more, we have the equipment and expertise to service your signs monuments and displays.

Many Denver LED sign companies only offer sign fabrication. Visual Edge provides service throughout the life of your exterior and interior signs. If you have had signs created by another company, we can perform the sign repair and maintenance for you as well.

What Are You Sign Needs?

If you are looking for a sign company to work within Denver, give us a call. You may be in the hunt for hanging signs, acrylic signs, or even fabric banners. We can do that for you. Or perhaps you are looking at having vinyl banners, channel letters sign, pole signs, or gas station displays created. We do it all. We love the variety and have no limits on what type of industries with which we work. So, let us help you.

Let Us Know Your Ideas

We want to hear from you so that we can bring our experience to your company. We have designed and installed blade signs, real estate signs, electric signs, boat graphics, ADA signs, cabinet signs, letter signs, pylon signs, and site signs.

We have built and fabricated signs for many industries and locations across the Front Range from Lone Tree to Denver to Boulder, Colorado. The list goes on and on. We have taken care of a similar business and would like to help you as well. Call us, and we'll get started on your project today.